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Written By: LMCL - Nov• 25•12

Welcome!  This is the Civic League site for our Lago Mar residents.

All residents are encouraged to subscribe to e-mails, right over there in the right-hand column. By subscribing, you will be kept up-to-date on news and events.

More information about becoming a Lago Mar Civic League member can be found on our Membership page.

For quick updates, read blog below.  We encourage you to also take a walk around the site to find information above and beyond what is in our news blog and periodic e-mails to those who subscribe.




Message from the president

Written By: LMCL - Mar• 26•14

I just returned from the second N2 Publishing neighborhood social at Firebrew Bar & Grill. Melissa Kelly, League Treasurer, Wynne Rentz of N2 Publishing and I had the opportunity to speak with most who attended. It was a great way to break up a falsely started spring and messy Tuesday evening! I estimate 20 neighbors met at Fire Brew for complimentary hors d’oeuvres and happy hour beverages. It was great meeting the Zaszewskis, Hatchells, Shurtzs, Flynns and others whose names I can’t recall who were all relative newcomers to the neighborhood. It was great to share the family memories Lago Mar events have created over the years.

Special thanks go to Lago Mar residents Dean and Sue Gonsior, owners of Firebrew Bar & Grill for hosting. If you haven’t been, Fire Brew offers a great selection of wines by the glass and great local craft beers. The sampling of food the provided was wonderful. I especially liked the spicy crab dip and bacon wrapped asparagus. I really appreciated the knowledgeable server with the Smart Mouth Brewery shirt who was well informed of my beverage selection.

Until next time,

Courtney Dyer

Message from the LMCL President

Written By: LMCL - Mar• 24•14

Happy Spring, Lago Mar!  It must be coming soon, for the daffodils are in bloom and azaleas soon to follow.

Lago Mar Civic League President, Courtney Dyer, has posted a new message.  Check it out for updates about Lago Mar and our surrounding area and some great events coming up including:

  • The 2nd Lago Mar Living host socials scheduled for Tuesday March 25th and hosted by Lago Mar residents Dean and Sue Gonsior, owners of Firebrew Bar & Grill. Come join us for complimentary hors d’oeuvres and happy hour drink prices. Be sure to send an RSVP to if you plan to attend.
  • Looking for some healthy fun for a good cause? Consider joining the fine folks at Equi-Kids for their 12th Annual Cross Country Runs on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Visit and ask about the $5 discount for Lago Mar residents.

Find details for the above and more  info on other topics in Courtney’s message, here.

Lago Mar Civic League Memberships Available

Written By: LMCL - Feb• 15•14
Hello Neighbor!
We are launching some exciting initiatives for this year including the development of a Neighborhood Digital Directory!
Current Members: You may already be a paid member but we still would like to update any information on you, not necessarily to be published: you have a choice to indicate “Do Not Publish”.
New Members:  Join now and get 14 months of membership for the price of 12.
2014 Membership & Digital Directory (1) - print and mail for our Digital Directory and New Member sign-up.
Also, as newly appointed Membership Chair, I have persuaded the Executive Board to mount a membership campaign to heighten awareness of our neighborhood: over 800 Residences! What a change from 33 years ago when Jeanne and I started construction on our Cinta Court home…You will be seeing banners posted in the neighborhood soon.
Please remember to also sign-up for a subscription to this website so you’ll always know when info has been posted.  This is the LMCL primary means of communicating with our neighbors.
Hope to hear from you soon and see you at the July picnic!
Gordon Heyworth
LMCL Membership Chair
757-724 2511 cell and text

Scholarship Golf Tournament

Written By: LMCL - Feb• 14•14

Lago Mar Scholarship golf chairman Joe Takach is looking for assistance in planning the annual golf tournament. This event has raised thousands of dollars in scholarships for LMCL member students in the neighborhood. If interested please reach out to Joe at to learn more about how you can help prepare for and/or operate this awesome event.

Keep Water Pipes from Freezing During Cold Weather

Written By: LMCL - Jan• 06•14

As the country’s winter blast hits Hampton Roads, temperatures tomorrow are expected to dip into the teens, with highs only in the low 20s. Your home’s water pipes are especially vulnerable to sudden cold snaps. Follow these tips so you won’t be caught off-guard with an expensive mess on your hands.

 When freezing temperatures are predicted:

  • Disconnect any garden hoses and drain outdoor pipes. Turn the outdoor water supply valve off and cover exposed pipes and faucets with insulation.
  • Allow a steady drip of cold water to flow from the highest faucet in your home. (Using cold instead of hot water will save you money on your energy bill.) Moving water will not freeze.
  • When plumbing is near an outside wall, open cabinet doors under sinks so room heat can reach the pipes.
  • Locate your private shut-off valve so you’ll be prepared to turn your water off if your pipes do freeze and burst. If you’ve got water pouring out of your ceiling, you don’t want to have to wait even a few minutes for Public Utilities or a plumber to respond to shut off your water.

If your pipes do freeze:

  • Turn your water off at the private water shut-off valve.
  • Never try to thaw frozen pipes with an open flame or any electrical appliance! It’s dangerous and could damage your pipes.
  • Be prepared for possible leaks as the pipes thaw.

Finding your private shut-off valve:

The location of the shut-off valve varies, but all buildings less than 25 years old have one. Likely locations for the private water shut-off valve include:

  • Close to an outside hose bib, where the water supply pipe enters your home. The valve will be located inside a box or pipe in the ground, several feet from the exterior of your home.
  • Near your water heater or under a vanity cabinet or kitchen sink, particularly if you live in a townhouse, condominium or apartment.
  • On the wall in your garage, particularly in newer homes.

If your pipes burst and you can’t find your shut-off valve, call (757) 385-4631 (or call 311 or 385-3111 nights, weekends and holidays).  A Public Utilities member will be dispatched to turn off your water service at the meter.

For more information on preventing frozen pipes, contact Erica Roberts with Virginia Beach Public Utilities at (757) 385-4948.

 Link to VBGov

Recycle Your Natural Christmas Tree & Help Protect Sandbridge Beach

Written By: LMCL - Jan• 04•14

Put your Christmas trees to good use… SAVE and BUILD the sand dunes at the local beach, Sandbridge Beach. Sand dunes are very important for the health of a beach, to avoid flooding during hurricane seasons and protect life.  Read More….