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President’s Message

Written By: LMCL

Message from the President

March, 2014

Greetings neighbors!

I hope everyone is starting to thaw after a chilly winter. I know I’m ready for some warmer weather and an opportunity to work in my yard.

I hope you have noticed the banners membership chairman Gordon Heyworth has displayed at entrances to the neighborhood. We hope our loyal members will help encourage those who aren’t members to take advantage of our spring membership promotion.

If you aren’t already a member of the Civic League, we encourage you to join. You can start by checking out our web site at . If you sign up for alerts, you’ll be notified by email of important announcements. We promise not to fill your in box with spam or provide your address to others. Rather it is our best and least expensive way to immediately notify you of neighborhood events, meetings and developments in and around Lago Mar.

Former Lago Mar resident Wynne Rentz continues to develop advertising support for Lago Mar Living. She is hopeful that the first edition will be published later this spring. One of the publisher’s concepts is host socials in local restaurants. The first event was at Blue Seafood which gave many an opportunity to try this new restaurant. The next social is scheduled for Tuesday March 25th and is hosted by Lago Mar residents Dean and Sue Gonsior, owners of Firebrew Bar & Grill. Come join us for complimentary hors d’oeuvres and happy hour drink prices. Be sure to send an RSVP to moc.b1422692974up2n@1422692974ztner1422692974.enny1422692974W1422692974 if you plan to attend.

Looking for some healthy fun for a good cause? Consider joining the fine folks at Equi-Kids for their 12th Annual Cross Country Runs. The events are scheduled for Saturday, May 10, 2014, on the 92-acre park and includes a 5K Trail Run, a 1 mile Run with the Hounds, and a 1/2 mile Pony Run for the kids. Becky Fentress at Equi-Kids has extended a $5 discount for Lago Mar residents. I hope you’ll consider sporting this worthy cause. More information at

The Civic League thanks resident Diana Hicks who has been instrumental in shaping development in the vicinity of Lago Mar. I had the opportunity to attend the Transition Area / Interfacility Traffic Area Citizens’ Advisory Committee community outreach meeting December 5 at Red Mill Elementary. Diana was appointed to this committee by Councilwoman Barbara Henley. About 60 concerned citizens attended this meeting to provide input to the owner of the 23 acre property across Sandbridge Road from St. John’s Catholic Church about what might be acceptable land use. This was an excellent example of the City listening to citizens at the grass roots level.

Your neighbors were also active shaping other development adjoining Lago Mar, specifically the Mirasol Development along Nimmo Parkway. While Marisol will be a higher density housing that Lago Mar, surrounding open space will create buffers along most of its perimeters. Neighbors along the back of this property negotiated a number of improvements that will make the immediately adjoining property more compatible with our homes. The first phase of this development is well underway. We have been given assurances that drainage will improve where this development adjoins Lago Mar. The second phase will be on the north side of Nimmo Parkway.

I received a message from a resident recently who was concerned about barking dogs. While the Civic League has no control over this, the City of Virginia Beach does through an ordinance that requires owners to exercise proper care and control of dogs to prevent them from disturbing the peace of others.

If you are not comfortable approaching a neighbor, or have done so repeatedly, an Animal Control Officer or Police Officer may be called who may issue a summons for those who fail to exercise control of their dogs.

Curious about construction along Entrada Drive? The City’s Public Utilities Department has begun replacing a sanitary sewage pump station that has reached the end of its useful life. This 40 year old structure will be replaced at its current location and will take about a year to complete.

I hope to see you around the neighborhood.

Courtney Dyer, President

Lago Mar Civic League


courtney Courtney Dyer is a native of Virginia Beach and has lived in Lago Mar for over 20 years. As a father, he is proud to have raised two daughters in Lago Mar and takes great comfort and satisfaction in what our neighborhood offers.